One of the prestigious moments for an athlete, victory ceremony is the heart and soul of Olympic Games. Marking the fruitful result of an athlete's hard work, this ceremony is what keeps spirits high.

London Olympic Games Victory Ceremony

Victory ceremonies are the most prestigious and proud moments of Olympic Games. It is a golden minute for the athlete who commemorates their success and enables their national flag fly high. It is the time when they taste success which is the result of loads of effort with millions watching the event from all over the globe. Through the ceremony, they are allowing their home country to be united in celebration while the national anthem is being played and national flag being raised. The intended purpose of victory ceremony of London Olympics, as any other Olympics is to generate a series of theatrical and exciting ceremonies. The most notable achievement of this is to ensure that the athlete and their achievements sit at the heart of the games. The event witnesses around 805 victory ceremonies in various venues around United Kingdom during London Olympic and Paralympic games. The entire events are watched by thousands of spectators in venues and all over the world.

Victory Ceremony
The athletes have to follow strict rules of conduct during the victory ceremony. For e.g., in case of outfits, the athletes can wear only those outfits which pre-approved the Olympic team. The athletes must not show any kind of political association and must detract from making any political statements while standing at the podium. Any violation of these rules might lead to the athlete's and even the country's expulsion from the events.

Victory Ceremony Preparations
Attending a victory ceremony is a dream come true for any athlete coming from any part of the world. It is that prestigious moment when the world looks up to you and your country with an unparalleled awe. These ceremonies not only reward one's excellence in one's sport, but also highlight the sheer competence, passion and devotion that go into making an athlete worthy enough to be considered the best in the world of any sport.