Get informed here about track and field events in Olympics which have been part of the Summer Games since their beginning in 1896.

Track and Field Events

Athletics track and field events have been the part of the Olympics since its commencement in 1896. The word Athletics has been derived from the Greek word "athlos" meaning "contest". The track and field events have always been popular among the general public. In all athletics track and field events in the Olympics, the stands are always full with the spectators.

Track Events
Track events parts of the Olympic Schedule are 100 meter sprint for men, 100 meter sprint for women, 200 meter sprint for men, 200 meter sprint for women, 400 meter sprint for men, 400 meter sprint for women, 800 meter event for men, 800 meter event for women, 1500 meter event for men, 1500 meter event for women, 5000 meter event for men, 5000 meter event for women, 10000 meter event for men, 10000 meter event for women, Marathon for women, Women 80-meter hurdle, Women 100-meter hurdle, Women 400-meter hurdle, Women 3000-meter steeplechase, 110 meter hurdle for men, 400 meter hurdle for men, 3000 meter steeplechase for men, 4x100 meter relay event for men, 4x100 meter relay event for women, 4x400 meter relay event for men, and 4x400 meter relay event for women.

Field Events
The athletics field events played in the Olympics are Long Jump for men, Long Jump for women, Triple Jump for men, Triple Jump for women, High Jump for men, High Jump for women, Shot Put for men, Shot Put for women, Discus Throw for men, Discus Throw for women, Hammer Throw for men, Hammer Throw for women, Javelin Throw for men, and Javelin Throw for women.

Road Events
The two athletics road events part of the Olympics schedule are Marathon for men and Marathon for women.

Combined Events
The two combined events of athletics in the Olympics are Decathlon for men and Heptathlon for women.

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