Read all about the Olympic Winners in Badminton since the inception of the sport.


Though Badminton made its debut in the 1972 Munich Olympics, it was played only as a demonstration sport and wasn't included as a proper sport. It was in 1992 Barcelona Olympics that Badminton made its official debut and has been, since then, fairing well in the Olympics, has been attracting huge amount of curiosity from the lovers of the sport. Even though the sport is just 20 Olympic years old, China has laid its hand on 30 Olympic medals out of the 69 won by Asian countries, whereas Denmark has won the most out of the remaining 7, becoming the most successful European country in Badminton. China, Indonesia and Korea together have won 23 out of 24 gold medals. In the London Olympics 2012, the Badminton competition will be held at the Wembley Arena from 28th July to 5th August. A total number of 172 athletes, 86 men and 86 women, from all over the world, will be participating singles, doubles and mixed double events. Here is the comprehensive list of the Olympic Records made in the different events of Badminton competition over the years.

Badminton Men's Doubles

Badminton Men's Singles

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