Olympic Records are milestones in the careers of athletes. IOC Olympic records are highly valued by the athletes, for they make these records while representing their country.

Olympic Records

Best performances in the Olympic Games are recorded as Olympics Records. These could be in the Summer Olympic Games or the Winter Olympic Games. Olympic records carry lot of prestige and are milestones in the careers of athletes. Only certain events of some particular sports have been recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for maintaining records. For other sports records are not maintained by the IOC.

IOC Recognized Olympic Records
Events having IOC recognized records are archery, athletics, cycling, shooting, skating, swimming and weightlifting.

Dominant Countries
Olympic records show that the United States, erstwhile Soviet Union, China, Japan and Germany have been the dominant countries in the Olympics. Most Olympics Records holders belong to these countries. Some great players having the Olympics records are CarlLewis, Jesse Owens, Michael Johnson, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Florence Griffith Joyner, Ian Thorpe, Alexander Popov, Janet Evans, Heike Friedrich, Halil Mutlu, and Zia Yang.

Events & Olympics
Athletics, Track Cycling, Shooting, Swimming and Weightlifting have been the part of the Olympics since 1896, when modern Olympics were introduced. Archery debuted in 1900 while Skating was first played during 1924 Chamonix Mont Blanc Winter Summer Games.

Olympics & World Records
The Olympic records have not related in any way to the specific sports' world record. Olympics records are the best performances of the athletes at the Olympic venues. The athlete is required to set the record by his or her own effort. No external help must be taken for setting up the record.

High Value
Even professional athletes having the world records recognize the importance of Olympic medals for them, because in the Olympics they represent their country, which is not the case when they are participating in a professional event. This factor enhances the feeling of joy for them that they have been selected for representing their country in the Olympics. Olympic records make them feel even more proud than their world records.

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