Beijing Olympics 2008

The August of 2008, particularly the 8th, will forever be remembered as the day when Beijing, People's Republic of China, welcomed the world with an engulfing embrace. As many as 91,000 spectators, gathered in The National Stadium, popularly known as the 'Bird's Nest', and hundreds of millions, glued to their television sets to experience the Opening Ceremony will testify to it. The day marked the beginning of an event so spectacular and grandeur that the breathing echoes of what was witnessed can still be felt. It's been stamped, both, the magnitude and the sheer exhilaration with which it all swept over the generation which was lucky enough to be right in the middle of it. The 2008 Summer Olympics, or the Games of the XXIX Olympiad, as it is officially known, was the event and it will be ceaselessly remembered in the pages of history for being one of the most brilliantly organized Olympic Games ever.

Whatever fears were there before the commencement of the games had been evaporated; the participants focused solely on their performance, making their countries proud. Usain Bolt, the Jamaican athlete, winning 3 gold medals, had been officially endowed with the title of 'World's Fastest Man'. Michael Phelps from USA won 8 gold medals in swimming, breaking the world record that was set way back in 1972 Munich Olympics. India had got a shining boxing talent in Vijendra Singh. And the host nation, China, topped the tally with the most number of gold medals (51). By the end of the games (24th August 2008), in which a record 204 National Olympic Committees, 10,942 athletes and 100,000 volunteers had participated in as many as 28 sports and 302 different events, more than 40 world records and 130 Olympic records had been broken. All eyes set on London now, who will host the 2012 Olympic Games (27th Summer Olympics), which will commence from 27th July, to 12th August.