The page presents a comprehensive list of the gold medallists in Canoe Sprint since its inclusion in 1936 Berlin Olympics.

Canoe Sprint

Demonstrated in the 1924 Paris Olympics and included as a sport in 1936 Berlin Olympics, canoeing has, since then, evolved into a shorter (races) though an exciting competitive sport. The thrill of watching head to head races conducted on still waters is still how it was 75 years ago. The 2012 London Olympics will see the debut of 200m sprint, replacing the 500m. The 1000m races will still be a regular feature. A total of 246 athletes, 158 men and 88 women, will participate in different events, either solo or in pairs and fours. The competition will be held at Eton Dorney from 6th to 11th August. The audience over the world is waiting anticipation as to who all set off or increase their baggage of gold. To set the ball rolling, go through the list of gold medals won in Canoe Sprint over the 75 years long Olympic history of the sport.