Here's a comprehensive list of Olympic gold medals won since the inclusion of the sport in 1964 Tokyo Games.


Judo, as a medal sport, made its debut in the 1964 Tokyo Games and since then has been a regular feature, except for the 1968 Mexico Games. In the 1992 Barcelona, women competition too made its debut. And it's natural that in Judo, the country that developed it from the ancient fighting art form of Jujutsu, is leading the Olympic medals tally. Japan is medals ahead from other nations; winning 35 gold out of 109 and a total of 65 medals out of 435. Second and third best performances over the years have been from France and South Korea, who have won 10 and 9 gold respectively and a total of 37 medals each. In the upcoming 2012 London Games, the Judo competition will be held at Excel Arena from 28th July to 3rd August. 386 competitors, 221 men and 145 women, will battle it out in as many as 14 different events for gold.

Men's Extra Lightweight 60 kg

Men's Half Lightweight

Men's Half-Heavyweight

Men's Half-Middleweight

Men's Heavyweight Judo

Men's Lightweight Judo

Men's Middleweight Judo

Women's Extra Lightweight (48 kg)

Women's Half Heavyweight

Women's Half Lightweight (52 kg)

Women's Half-Middleweight

Women's Heavyweight Judo

Women's Lightweight

Women's Middleweight

Men's Open Class

Gold Silver Bronze
1964 Anton Geesink
Akio Kaminaga
Theodore Boronovskis, Klaus GLAHN
Australia, United Team Of Germany
1972 Willem Ruska
Vitali Kuznetsov
Soviet Union
Angelo Parisi, Jean-Claude Brondani
Great Britain, France
1976 Haruki Uemura
Keith Remfry
Great Britain
Shota Chochishvili, Cho Jea-ki
Soviet Union, South Korea
1980 Dietmar Lorenz
East Germany
Angelo Parisi
András Ozsvár, Arthur Mapp
Hungary, Great Britain
1984 Yasuhiro Yamashita
Mohamed Ali Rashwan
Mihai Cioc, Arthur Schnabel
Romania, West Germany