Read about the Olympic gold medals won in Modern Pentathlon since its inclusion in the Olympic in 1912 Stockholm Games.

Modern Pentathlon

Baron Pierre de Coubertin, who introduced the sport of Modern Pentathlon to the Olympics in 1912 Stockholm Games, believed it to test the mettle of a complete athlete. The sport then comprised of pistol shooting, swimming, horse riding, fencing and running. Now, the running and shooting have been merged together to form combined event whereas fencing, swimming and riding remain pretty much unchanged. But the idea is still the same, to recognize a complete athlete from among the bunch. Since its debut, 36 gold medals have been awarded, out of which Hungary and Sweden has won 9 each. Their total medals tally to stands at 21 each, out of 108. Soviet Union is third with 5 gold and a total 15 medals. In 2012 London Olympics, the modern pentathlon competition will be held at three different venues: Copper Box, Aquatics Centre and Greenwich Park, on 11th and 12th August. A total of 72 athletes, 36 men and 36 women, will participate in the sport.

Men's Modern Pentathlon

Men's Modern Pentathlon - Team

Women's Modern Pentathlon