Read about the Olympic gold medals won in Cross Country Mountain Biking.

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Over the short course of short history of the Mountain Biking (making its debut in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics), the sport has grown tremendously in popularity. Out of the 8 gold medals, France has won 3, followed by Italy, who has won 2. Much of the credit goes to the Julien Absalon, the two time Olympic gold winner (2004 and 2008 Olympics) from France. In the upcoming 2012 London Olympics, Julien Absalon will look to set a hat-trick of Olympic golds. A total of 80 athletes, 50 men and 30 women, will be competing in the sport that will be conducted at Hadleigh Farm on 11th and 12th of August. To pep you up, here's a list of Olympic gold medals won in the sport.