List of gold medals won in Rhythmic Olympics since the inclusion of the sport in 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games.

Gymnastics Rhythmic

An all out women's sport (one of the two in the Olympics), Rhythmic Gymnastics was made a part of the Olympics in 1984 Los Angeles Games and since then has been a regular feature. Having evolved from classical Ballet, Rhythmic Gymnastics today includes floor performances on music with different apparatuses such as a hoop, ball, clubs and ribbon. Lori Fung from Canada became the first one grab a gold medal in the individual all-round event whereas Spain was the first to win a gold medal in the group all-round event that was introduced in 1996 Atlanta Games. Overall, it's Russia that leads the tally with 6 gold medals (out of 11 awarded) and a total of 10 medals (out of 33 awarded). It will be interesting to see whether in the upcoming 2012 London Olympics if it's Russia who once again takes the gold or some other country. The competition will be held at Wembley Arena from 9th to 12th August in which 96 women athletes will compete for the gold in 2 different events.

Women's Rhythmic Individual All-around

Women's Rhythmic Team All-around