Read about the gold medals won by athletes over the year of Olympics in Track Cycling.

Cycling Track

Track cycling has been a regular feature at the Olympics programme since the first modern Olympic Games of 1896 in Athens except for the 1912 Stockholm Games, whereas the women's competition were included later in the 1988 Seoul Games. Since its inclusion in Olympics, it has been pretty much France, Italy and Germany that have dominated the sport, each winning, more or less, a fair share of gold medals when compared to other countries. In the last Olympics hosted in Beijing, Chris Hoy became the first British Athlete to win three gold medals in single Olympics after 100 years. In the 2012 London Games, 188 athletes will take part in the sport that will be held at Olympic Park - Velodrome from 2nd August to 7th August. As many as 10 events will be part of it.