The page presents a list of Olympic record holders in women weightlifting since the debut of the sport in 1896 Athens Games.

Women Weightlifting

Olympic Weightlifting is a sport in which the participants lift weights off a barbell. Some famous Olympics weightlifters are Xia Yang, Nurcan Tylan, Yanqing Chen, Xiamon Chen, Chunhong Liu, Natalia Zabolotnaia, and Gonghong Tang. As far as women's weightlifting is concerned, Chen Yanqing and Liu Chunhong (China) have won 2 gold medals each. In women's category, Xiexia Chen (China), Yanqing Chen (China), Chunhong Liu (China), Lei Cao (China), and Miran Jang (Korea) set new Olympic records by lifting 48kg, 58kg, 69kg, 75kg, and +75kg respectively in different events. In the 2012 London Games, 104 women will compete for the gold in as many as 15 events. The competition will be held at Excel Arena from 28th July to 7th August.

Women's +75 kg

Women's 48kg

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