List of Gold, Silver & Bronze medals won by France in 1988 Olympic games.

France at 1988 Olympics

Total Medals in 1988 Olympics : 16
Gold Medals : 6 Silver Medals : 4 Bronze Medals : 6 Rank : 12

France medals table at 1988 Seoul (XXIV) Olympics

Gold Medal Winners

Frédérick Delpla, Jean-Michel Henry, Olivier Lenglet, Philippe Riboud, and Éric Srecki Fencing Men's Épée Team
Jean-François Lamour Fencing Men's Sabre Individual
Marc Alexandre Judo Men's Lightweight Judo
Nicolas Hénard and Jean-Yves Le Déroff Sailing Men's Tornado Class
Pierre Durand Equestrian Jumping Individual
Thierry Peponnet and Luc Pillot Sailing Men's 470 Class

Silver Medal Winners

Laurent Boudouani Boxing Men's Welterweight
Margit Otto-Crépin Equestrian Dressage Individual
Philippe Riboud Fencing Men's Épée Individual
Nicolas Berthelot Men's Shooting Men's 10 Meter Air Rifle

Bronze Medal Winners

Bruno Marie-Rose, Max Morinière, Gilles Quénéhervé, and Daniel Sangouma Athletics Men Men's 4 x 100 Meter Relay
Joël Bettin and Philippe Renaud Canoe / Kayak Men's C-2 500 Meter Canadian Pairs
Hubert Bourdy, Frédéric Cottier, Pierre Durand, and Michel Robert Equestrian Jumping Team
Bruno Carabetta Judo Men's Half Lightweight
Stéphan Caron Men's Swimming Men's 100 Meter Freestyle Swimming
Catherine Plewinski Women's Swimming Women's 100 Meter Freestyle