Every good thing has to end, so do the biggest sports event in the world. Read on to know more about the closing ceremony of the London Olympic Games sporting extravaganza.

London Olympic Games Closing Ceremony

Get ready to feel the emotion, experience the excitement and sense the elation of the closing ceremony of 2012 London Olympics. The closing ceremony marks the leave-taking ceremony of the host country of the present Olympics to the athletes, participating nations and the millions watching all over the world. The event also symbolizes the handover, which takes place between the present host nation and the next nation who is privileged to host the games in next games in 2016. This once-in-a-lifetime-event not only marks an end to one of the most beautiful sportive events on earth, but also provides an altogether a different experience to the Olympiad. The closing ceremony of the London Olympics developed by Kim Gavin and his team takes place on 12 August 2012 that marks an end to the Olympic Games. Taking place in the beautiful Olympic Stadium, the closing ceremony offers you a dream chance to meet and wave off hundreds of new champions that truly promises to be an unforgettable experience.

March Of The Athletes
The closing ceremony of London Olympics will begin with the flag bearers of the participating delegations entering the stadium in a single file, followed by athletes. The characteristic feature of closing ceremony is that all the athletes' rally together, with nationalities being set aside. The grouping of the athletes is a tradition that started during the 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games as a way to bring the athletes together as a single family.

Flags And Speeches
Once the athletes enter the stadium, three national flags are hoisted on flagpoles one at a time while the corresponding national anthems are being played. The flag of Greece is hoisted to honour the birthplace of the Olympics along with the flag of the host Nation (United Kingdom) and the flag of the country, which hosts the next summer Olympics (Brazil). On the dais, the mayor of the host city is joined by the President of IOC to whom the Olympic flag is given back by the mayor. The President presents this symbolically to the mayor of the next host city of the Olympic Games. Thereafter, the president of IOC gives closing speech declaring that the games closed.

Olympic Flame
This process involves snuffing out of the Olympic flame that is being burnt in the cauldron since the opening ceremony. This is regarded as a moving and a poignant moment for all those who are involved in the games and audience at large.

The main attraction of closing ceremony will be the crowd pleasing British Music. The show called, 'A Symphony of British Music', which includes established British plays and new talent will be part of the event according to creative director and choreographer Kim Gavin. The ceremony will also have the London Symphony Orchestra, which records the core orchestral soundtracks.

Paralympic Games Closing Ceremony
The Paralympic closing ceremony, dated 9, September 2012 marks the conclusion of the games as a whole. As in the Olympic closing ceremony, the flag bearers from each of the participating nations enter the stadium that is followed by athletes. They come together, without any national distinction. The Paralympic Flag is then symbolically taken down and the national flag of the next Host Nation is hoisted up. The Games are officially closed, and the Paralympic Flame is extinguished.

The closing ceremony of London Olympics 2012 comes to an end with a dazzling performance which marks its journey to Brazil for 2016 Olympics.