While cricket is all about runs and wickets, tennis relates to points, games and sets. Read through to know more about its rules and regulations.


The striking speed of the racket and the excellent coordination of your reaction time with hands - one may find tennis as a visual treat for the eyes. This popular game can be played with two people or may also extend to four when played as a team. This game was invented in England during the 19th century and was a part of the 1896 Summer Olympic Games as well. After the messy breakup of tennis and Olympics in 1924, several efforts were put into bringing up the spirit again. Thanks to Juan Antonio Samaranch, the President of International Olympic Committee, tennis is back in Olympics. Later in 1988, with the completion of the reconciliation, it acquired back its glory of an Olympic medal sport all over again. The game has gifted its spectators with leading names like Rafael Nadal, Andre Agassi, Steffi Graff or Suzanne Lenglen and made their countries proud. Read more to know about this high profile sport.

Tennis Rules And Regulations
  • Terms used in tennis to keep the scores are love, 15, 30, 40, deuce and the first player to win four points in the game wins the match which is a one six game set.
  • In case of a tie marking 6-6, a tie breaker is played and the first to win it is the winner.
  • In case of short set matches, the player has to win 4 games in each set. 
  • The player will win a point if his/her opponent fails to return the shot or if the shot lands outside the court.
  • Every tennis match will be played to the best of three sets whereas for the men’s singles finals, it would be five sets. In the case of mixed doubles match, it will be the best of two sets. If the players come across a one set all, the game will be settled with a first-to-10 tie-break.
  • The winner of the game has to win four points in total and at least two points more than his opponent.
  • The scores of the players is read in an order keeping the score of the person who served first.
  • The service keeps altering between games so that both the players have a chance to take advantage of the service.
Tennis History
Tennis holds a strong association with the modern Olympic Games as it traces back its roots to the times when it used to be the one among the nine sports contested in the initial days. Tennis made its debut in 1896 Olympic Games, which was held in Athens. The men's tournament began earlier, while women were allowed to contest at the Olympic Games only during the 1900's. It continued to be included in the Games until 1924, when International Tennis Federation failed to go in agreement with the IOC. This was related to being amateur and also regarding the general management of the tournament and hence this led to the situation where tennis was side-lined for 64 years. Tennis has been part of the inaugural ceremony of the 1896 Summer Olympics. But, later it was dropped as a game after the Summer Olympics in 1924. After 64 years, tennis was seen as a demonstration sport and 1988 Summer Olympics marked the revival of the game as a full medal sport and maintains its stand till date.