The page provides a list of Basketball winners in Olympic Games since the inclusion of the sport in 1936.


Like Badminton, Basketball too made a much early debut, though as a demonstration sport, in the 1904 St Louis Olympics. It was officially included as an Olympic sport in the 1936 Berlin Olympics and has remained so since then. And USA has, since then, pretty much dominated the sport and has won 19 out of 26 (men and women) out of 26 gold. In the London Olympics 2012, the Basketball competition will be held at the Olympic Park - Basketball Arena and North Greenwich Arena from 28th July to 12th August. A total number of 288 athletes, 144 men and 144 women, 12 teams, from all over the world, will be competing for the gold medal. USA will strive to maintain its winning streak that it displayed in the first 7 Olympics games of the sport. Go through the complete list of the Olympic medals won in the men's and women's Basketball competitions over the years.

Men's Basketball

Women's Basketball