Here is information regarding 1500 meter sprint for women. The info tells when the event debuted in Olympics, rules, running techniques and top performers.

1500 Meter Sprint for Women

The 1500 meter sprint for women, also known as 'metric mile' are a test for the runner's speed and stamina. The winner of the Olympics gold medal is held in high regard in athlete community.

Debut in Olympics
The 1500 meter race for women event debuted in the Olympics was introduced at the 1972 Munich Summer Games. Thereafter, the event has been continuously part of the Olympics.

Rules and regulations of 1500 meter event for women have been set by International Association of Athletics Associations or IAAF. Some of the basic rules are given here.
  • If an athlete takes two false starts, she is disqualified.
  • Obstructing another sprinter's path attracts disqualification.
  • The radius of the outside lane of the track should not exceed 50 meter for any reason whatsoever.
  • For measuring time, an IAAF sanctioned standard automatic timing device is used.
  • The length and width of the track and lanes have to be in accordance with the parameters set by the IAAF.
  • If the people taking part in the race are more than twelve, preliminary heats are held. Athletes who emerge winner in the heats take part in the final round.
  • Sprinters who are not able to reach the finishing line are not given any credit no matter how good there performance is.
  • Anyone who has violated the track boundary is disqualified.
Running Techniques
The runners in 1500 meter event do not just solely rely on speed. They need superb stamina and mental toughness too. She has to think constantly and adjust to the needs and conditions. If a runner starts fast and continues at her best, she will exhaust herself quickly.

Top Performers
Top performers in 1500 meter event for women event are Lixin Lan, Nouria Merah-Benida, Lixin Lan, Tatyana Kazankina, Kelly Holmes, Ling Zhang, Olga Dvirna, Lili Yin, Svetlana Masterkova, Gabriela Szabo, Hassiba Boulmerka and Paula Ivan.