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Introduced in 1900 Paris Games, football has, since then, held the status of being one of the most exciting sports in the Olympics. With the exception of 1932 Los Angeles Games, football has been a regular feature. From its debut in 1900, when Great Britain won the gold medal, until 1996, it was almost an all out European domination over the gold. Starting 1996, non European nations like Argentina, Cameroon and USA too have bagged gold in their kitty. Considering men and women football, the latter only being introduced in the 1996 Atlanta Games, it's a three-way tie between Great Britain, Hungary and USA, each winning the gold medal three times. In 2012 London Games, 288 men and 216 women, from 16 and 12 teams will be competing for the gold. The competition will be held at different venues around the city beginning 25th July and ending 11th August.

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