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One of the few sports in Olympics to enjoy a long and continuous streak is Rowing. Debuted in 1900 Paris Games, Rowing has since then come a long way and has made way to more events, making the competition all the more exciting and fierce. East Germany, with 33 gold medals out of the 226 that have been awarded, stands at the top of the table. USA is close second with 31 gold medals but as far as overall tally goes, USA has won 84 medals out of the 641 awarded, whereas Great Britain has earned 54, followed by East Germany, who has won 48. Sir Steve Redgrave from Great Britain is considered as the greater rower ever. He won 5 gold medals in 5 consecutive Olympics, beginning 1984, to 2000. In the 2012 London Games, 550 rowers, 353 men and 197 women will take part in the competition that will be held at Eton Dorney from 28th July to 4th August. As many as 14 events will be a part of the Rowing competition.

Men's Coxed Eights

Men's Coxed Fours

Men's Coxed Pairs

Men's Coxless Fours

Men's Coxless Pairs

Men's Double Sculls (2x)

Men's Lightweight Coxless Fours

Men's Lightweight Double Sculls

Men's Quadruple Sculls

Men's Single Sculls

Women's Coxless Pairs

Women's Double Sculls

Women's Eights Competition

Women's Lightweight Double Sculls

Women's Quadruple Sculls

Women's Single Sculls

Men's Coxed four, inriggers

Gold Silver Bronze
1912 Ejler Allert, Jørgen Hansen, Carl Møller, Carl Pedersen and Poul Hartmann
Ture Rosvall, William Bruhn-Möller, Conrad Brunkman, Herman Dahlbäck, Wilhelm Wilkens
Claus Høyer, Reidar Holter, Magnus Herseth, Frithjof Olstad and Olaf Bjørnstad

Women's Coxed Fours

Gold Silver Bronze
1976 Karin Metze, Bianka Schwede, Gabriele Lohs, Andrea Kurth, Sabine Heß
East Germany
Kapka Georgieva-Panayotova, Ginka Gyurova, Mariyka Modeva and Reni Yordanova
Nadezhda Sevostyanova, Lyudmila Krokhina, Galina Mishenina, Anna Pasokha and Lidiya Krylova
Soviet Union
1980 Ramona Kapheim, Silvia Frohlich, Angelika Noack, Romy Saalfeld, Kirsten Wenzel
East Germany
Nadya Filipova, Ginka Gyurova, Mariyka Modeva, Rita Todorova and Iskra Velinova
Fadeeva, Sovetnikova, Studneva, Semenova and Cheremisina
Soviet Union
1984 Chira Apostol, Maria Fricioiu, Olga Homeghi, Viorica Ioja, and Florica Lavric
Marilyn Brain, Angela Schneider, Barbara Armbrust, Jane Tregunno, and Lesley Thompson
Susan Lee, Karen Brancourt, Margot Foster, Robyn Grey-Gardner, and Susan Chapman
1988 Gerlinde Doberschütz
Carola Hornig
Sylvia Rose
Birte Siech
Martina Walther
East Germany
Hu Yadong, Li Ronghua, Zhang Xianghua, Zhou Shouying and Yang Xiao
Marioara Trasca, Veronica Necula, Herta Anitas, Doina Lilian Balan, and Ekaterina Oancia

Women's Coxless Fours

Gold Silver Bronze
1992 Kay Worthington, Kirsten Barnes, Jessica Monroe, and Brenda Taylor
Amy Fuller, Shelagh Donohoe, Cindy Eckert, and Carol Feeney
United States
Antje Frank, Annette Hohn, Gabriele Mehl and Birte Siech