List of all Olympics Men's Handball winners including gold, silver and bronze medalists.

Men's Handball

Men's Handball competition was introduced for the first time at Olympic Games in 1936. Since 1972 Summer Olympic Games, Men's Handball competition is being held regularly at Olympic Games. The following table lists all gold, silver and bronze medalists in Men's Handball event at Olympic Games.

Men's Handball Winners at Olympics

Gold Silver Bronze
1936 Germany Austria Switzerland
1972 Yugoslavia Czechoslovakia Romania
1976 Soviet Union Romania Poland
1980 East Germany Soviet Union Romania
1984 Yugoslavia West Germany Romania
1988 Soviet Union South Korea Yugoslavia
1992 Unified Team Sweden France
1996 Croatia Sweden Spain
2000 Russia Sweden Spain
2004 Croatia Germany Russia
2008 France Iceland Spain
2012 France Sweden Croatia
2016 Denmark France Germany