List of all Olympics Men's Water Polo winners including gold, silver and bronze medalists.

Men's Water Polo

Men's Water Polo event has been part of the Olympics program since 1900 Olympic Games. Hungary, Italy, and the former Soviet Union and Yugoslavia have historically dominated the Men's Water Polo competition at Olympic Games. The following medals table lists medalists in Men's Water Polo event at Olympic Games.

Men's Water Polo Winners at Olympics

Gold Silver Bronze
1900 Great Britain Belgium France, France
1904 United States United States United States
1908 Great Britain Belgium Sweden
1912 Great Britain Sweden Belgium
1920 Great Britain Belgium Sweden
1924 France Belgium United States
1928 Germany Hungary France
1932 Hungary Germany United States
1936 Hungary Germany Belgium
1948 Italy Hungary Netherlands
1952 Hungary Yugoslavia Italy
1956 Hungary Yugoslavia Soviet Union
1960 Italy Soviet Union Hungary
1964 Hungary Yugoslavia Soviet Union
1968 Yugoslavia Soviet Union Hungary
1972 Soviet Union Hungary United States
1976 Hungary Italy Netherlands
1980 Soviet Union Yugoslavia Hungary
1984 Yugoslavia United States West Germany
1988 Yugoslavia United States Soviet Union
1992 Italy Spain Unified Team
1996 Spain Croatia Italy
2000 Hungary Russia Yugoslavia
2004 Hungary Serbia and Montenegro Russia
2008 Hungary United States Serbia
2012 Croatia Italy Serbia
2016 Serbia Croatia Italy