List of all Olympics Women's 80 Meter Hurdles winners including gold, silver and bronze medalists.

Women's 80 Meter Hurdles

80 meter hurdle for women was introduced at the 1932 Los Angeles Summer Games. The competition was a part of the Olympics athletics till the 1968 Mexico Olympics. Thereafter, it was removed from Olympics athletics schedule. In the race, the 100 meter hurdle event was included.

Rules and Regulations
As of now, all rules and regulations for the event were specified by the International Association of Athletics Federations or IAAF.
  • The hurdles were made in accordance with the specifications of the IAAF. White and black color was used to paint the top bar of each hurdle.
  • For measuring time, IAAF accredited timing devices were used.
  • No athlete was allowed to change the lane while the race.
  • All the hurdles were made of metal and wood.
  • The hurdles were made to be adjustable. They could be adjusted to various heights in different events.
  • If an athlete left the track while the race, she stood disqualified.
  • Athletes were barred from deliberately felling down the hurdles.
  • Any athlete who failed to reach the finishing point did not get any credit.
  • Athletes were not allowed to obstruct the path of their competitors. Any athlete found doing so was barred from running.
Technical Event
80 meter hurdle for women was a pretty technical event. An athlete could not solely rely on speed and agility to win the competition. The even demand several skills to be cultivated and the athletes worked and trained hard to gather these skills. The hurdles during the race could fall down even if slightly touched by the athlete's body. So she had to be very careful and at the same time fast enough to reach the finishing line first.

Top Performers
Top performers in 80 meter hurdle for women are Babe Zaharias, Pam Kilborn, Teresa Cieply, Carole Quinton, Gisela Kohler, Fanny Blankers-Koen, Trebisonda Valla, Maureen Gardner, Anni Steuer, Evelyne Hall, Chi Cheng, Maria Golubnichaya, Maureen Caird, Karin Balzer, Irina Press, Shirley Strickland, and Norma Thrower.

Women's 80 Meter Hurdles Winners at Olympics

Gold Silver Bronze
1932 Babe Didrikson
United States
Evelyne Hall
United States
Marjorie CLARK
South Africa
1936 Ondina Valla
Anni Steuer
Elizabeth Taylor
1948 Fanny Blankers-Koen
Maureen Gardner
Great Britain
Shirley Strickland
1952 Shirley Strickland
Maria Golubnichaya
Soviet Union
Maria Sander
1956 Shirley Strickland
Gisela Köhler
United Team Of Germany
Norma Thrower
1960 Irina Press
Soviet Union
Carole Quinton
Great Britain
United Team Of Germany
1968 Maureen Caird
Pamela Kilborn-Ryan-Nelson
Chi Cheng
Chinese Taipei