Here is information regarding canoeing flatwater in Beijing Olympics 2008 including flatwater programs in the Olympics, schedule of the competitions, quota of athletes and rules.

Canoeing Flatwater in Olympics

Canoeing Flatwater
The Canoeing/Kayaking Flatwater event of the 29th Olympic Games is being held at the Shunyi Olympic Rowing-Canoeing Park on the side of Chaobai River in the Shunyi District of Beijing from August 11-23, 2008. The game is exciting and fast-paced and it is surprising to observe that the event is usually overlooked by Olympic enthusiasts and spectators. Being successful in the event needs coming together of the attributes of agility, strength, and cardio-vascular endurance.

Flatwater Programs in Olympics 2008
C-1 1000m (canoe single) Men
C-1 500m (canoe single) Men
C-2 1000m (canoe double) Men
C-2 500m (canoe double) Men
K-1 1000m (kayak single) Men
K-1 500m (kayak single) Men
K-2 1000m (kayak double) Men
K-2 500m (kayak double) Men
K-4 1000m (kayak four) Men
K-1 500m (kayak single) Women
K-2 500m (kayak double) Women
K-4 500m (kayak four) Women

Schedule of Competitions

15:30 - 17:44

Competitions to be Held
Men's K1 1000m Heats, Men's C1 1000m Heats, Women's K4 500m Heats, Men's K2 1000m Heats, Men's C2 1000m Heats, Men's K4 1000m Heats

15:30 - 18:12

Competitions to be Held
Men's K1 500m Heats, Men's C1 500m Heats, Women's K1 500m Heats, Men's K2 500m - Heats, Men's C2 500m Heats, Women's K2 500m Heats

15:30 - 16:44

Competitions to be Held
Men's K1 1000m Semifinals, Men's C1 1000m Semifinals, Women's K4 500m Semifinals, Men's K2 1000m Semifinals, Men's C2 1000m Semifinals, Men's K4 1000m Semifinals

15:30 - 17:12

Competitions to be Held
Men's K1 500m Semifinals, Men's C1 500m Semifinals, Women's K1 500m Semifinals, Men's K2 500m Semifinals, Men's C2 500m Semifinals, Women's K2 500m Semifinals

15:30 - 17:50

Competitions to be Held
Men's K1 1000m Final, Men's C1 1000m Final, Men's K1 1000m Medal Ceremony, Men's C1 1000m Medal Ceremony, Women's K4 500m Final, Men's K2 1000m Final, Women's K4 500m Medal Ceremony, Men's K2 1000m Medal Ceremony, Men's C2 1000m Final, Men's K4 1000m Final, Men's C2 1000m Medal Ceremony, Men's K4 1000m Medal Ceremony

15:30 - 17:50

Competitions to be Held
Men's K1 500m Final, Men's C1 500m Final, Men's K1 500m Medal Ceremony, Men's C1 500m Medal Ceremony, Women's K1 500m Final, Men's K2 500m Final, Women's K1 500m Medal Ceremony, Men's C2 500m Medal Ceremony, Men's C2 500m Final, Women's K2 500m Final, Men's K2 500m Medal Ceremony, Women's K2 500m Medal Ceremony

Quota of Athletes
Quota of kayaking flat water athletes in the Olympics 2008 is 172 men and 74 women. Total number of athletes is 246.

Competitors have to canoe over an unobstructed course in the shortest possible time. Whoever wins gets the gold. Only the members of clubs or associations affiliated with an ICF National Federation are allowed to participate in an international competition. At least three canoes must be entered before the race can be held. In case the number of entries in races is so great that heats are necessary, the number of canoes in each heat should not be more than nine. In finals too, the maximum number of canoes permitted is six.

A vertical plate (18 x 20cm) indicating the lane must be carried by all canoes. The plate must be marked with black numbers on a white background, indicating the lane and should be built of non-transparent material. These vertical plates shall be placed on the centreline on the afterdeck.