These travel tips for Beijing Olympics would assist in your comfortable stay in China. This travel advice and suggestions for Beijing Olympics 2008 would prove very helpful during your visit there.

Travel Tips

China, the host of the 29th Olympics, will be the hub of sports activities during the Olympics. Thousands of sports lovers are set to visit the country to enjoy the Olympics Games. These travel tips made available diligently will help these sports lovers have enjoyable stay in China.

General Tips
The travel tips offered here will assist you when you sit down to finalize your trip to China. The suggestions given will come to your aid even when you have reached the country. You can know here how to lodge a complaint in China. In the event of an unwelcome incident, this could prove crucial.

Your Behavior
You would get to know about etiquette norms in China including the ways of greetings and introduction. Know how and when to give tips in China. Behavior patterns of people in mainland China and special administrative region like Hong Kong could be totally different. You will know about important differences in various Chinese venues here. Know how to hire tourist guides in China and what quality you should expect from them.

Medical Facilities and Emergencies
You will find in travel trips information regarding medical facilities in the country. Know here about media operations, accommodation and communications. Also know how to get your tourist visa for China. The tips regarding road safety would definitely help you if you decide to drive a car in China. Know about currency which is crucial when visiting any foreign country. Get informed whom to call in case of an emergency.

Facts Regarding Olympics
Provided here are various facts about Beijing Olympics regarding the opening and closing ceremonies, opening and closing of media villages, opening and closing of Olympics villages, and opening of media accreditation centre. Know about the athletes participating and the total number of medals in the event. Know about all Olympics venues for sports, venue for the opening and closing ceremony as well as the host broadcaster. Get all information regarding the Olympics Games here.