Get informed regarding Gymnastics Trampoline in Beijing Olympics 2008 including the schedule of competitions, qualifications criteria, disqualifications, and the discipline’s history in the Olympics.

Gymnastics Trampoline in Olympics

Gymnastics trampoline competitions of the Olympics 2008 will be held in Beijing from August 9-24. All events will be held at National Indoor Stadium in Beijing.

Schedule of Competitions
All games in Gymnastics trampoline will be held on 16 August 2008 Saturday on 11:00 to 13:28. The sessions to be held are Women's Qualification - 1st Routine, Women's Qualification - 2nd Routine, Men's Qualification - 1st Routine, and Men's Qualification - 2nd Routine.

For men and women athletes, individual competitions (qualifications and finals) will be organized. Entry for the competitions is restricted by qualification. Trampoline, Tumbling and Double Mini-Trampoline competitions are held in the disciplines of Trampoline Men's Synchro, Trampoline Women's Synchro, Tumbling Men's Individual, Tumbling Women's Individual, Double Mini-Trampoline Men's Individual, and Double Mini-Trampoline Women's Individual.

If any competitor or team official has behaved in unwelcome manner, the Chair of Judges Panel and/or Superior Jury, and/or the official FIG Representative issue a warning. The Head of concerned delegation is informed at the end of the round. If the misconduct is repeated, the offender may be expelled from the competition hall. Any incident resulting in expulsion should be reported to the Secretary General and to the offender's Federation. The Executive Committee or Disciplinary Commission is empowered to take further disciplinary action if deemed necessary.

Gymnastics Trampoline in Olympics
Gymnastics Trampoline has been inducted as a discipline of gymnastics at the Olympic Games as of 1 January, 1999. Trampoline competitions for both men and women were included in the Olympic program. Gymnastics Trampoline made debut during the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.

Origin of the Discipline
The discipline of Gymnastics traces itself to ancient Greece a couple of thousands years back, when the gymnasium was the centre of cultural activity. People assembled in gymnasiums not only to practise sport, but to understand art, music and philosophy. With passage of time, the sport has evolved into its present form.