Get informed about schedule of Softball events in Beijing Olympics 2008. Here is information regarding the schedule, venue, number of athletes and rules specified.

Softball in Olympics

The softball events of the Olympics 2008 will be held at Fengtai Softball Field in Beijing from August 12 to August 21, 2008.

Schedule of Games

12 August 2008, Tuesday
Women's Preliminaries

13 August 2008, Wednesday
Women’s Preliminaries

14 August 2008, Thursday
Women’s Preliminaries

15 August 2008, Friday
Women’s Preliminaries

16 August 2008, Saturday
Women’s Preliminaries

17 August 2008, Sunday
Women’s Preliminaries

18 August 2008, Monday
Women’s Preliminaries

20 August 2008, Wednesday
Women’s Semifinals
Women’s Bronze Medal Game

21 August 2008, Thursday
Women’s Gold Medal Game
Medal Ceremony

Number of Athletes
Eight teams of 15 players will participate in the event. Total number of athletes will be 120. Rules
Total of seven innings will constitute a regulation game. If the team second at bat scores more runs in six innings or before the third out in the last of the seventh inning, all seven innings need not be played. A game that is tied at the culmination of seven innings will be continued by playing additional innings. A game called by the umpire will be considered regulation if five or more complete innings have been played, or if the team second at bat has scored more runs than the other team has scored in five or more innings. The umpire has been empowered to call off the game at any time he considers appropriate. Declaration of a regulation tie game will ensue if the score is equal when the game is called at the end of five or more completed innings. The umpire has been authorized to declare a forfeit in favor of the team not at fault if a team fails to appear on the field or, despite being on the field, refuses to begin a game. Or after the game has commenced, one side refuses to continue. A regulation tie game should be replayed from the beginning.