Know about Water Polo events in Beijing Olympics 2008 including schedule, basics of the game and its history in Olympics.

Water Polo in Olympics

Water Polo in Beijing Olympics
Water Polo event for Beijing Olympics 2008 for men and women will be held at Ying Tung Natatorium. The game is considered the most demanding among all events in Olympics. The players are prohibited from touching the bottom or side of the pool when the game is on.

Schedule of Events

10 August 2008 - Sunday
Men's Preliminaries Group A and Group B

11 August 2008 – Monday
Women’s Preliminaries

12 August 2008 - Tuesday
Men's Preliminaries Group A and Group B

13 August 2008 – Wednesday
Women’s Preliminaries

14 August 2008 - Thursday
Men's Preliminaries Group A and Group B

15 August 2008 – Friday
Women’s Preliminaries

16 August 2008 - Saturday
Men's Preliminaries Group A and Group B

17 August 2008 - Sunday
Women's Quarterfinals

18 August 2008 - Monday
Men's Preliminaries Group A and Group B

19 August 2008 - Tuesday
Women’s Semifinals

20 August 2008 - Wednesday
Men’s Quarter Finals

21 August 2008 – Thursday
Women's Bronze Medal Game, Women's Gold Medal Game, Women's Medal Ceremony

22 August 2008 - Friday
Men’s Semi Finals

24 August 2008 - Sunday
Men's Classifications, Men's Gold Medal Game, Men's Medal Ceremony

The Game
Water polo is a water game played by a team. A water polo team consists of six field players and a goalkeeper. The team which scores more goals wins the game. There are six field player positions. Field players often fill several positions throughout the game as situations demand. Players who know to play several offensive or defensive roles are called utility players.

Water Polo in Olympics
Men's water polo debuted in Olympics during the 1900 Paris Games. It has been contested at all Games save 1908. The Hungarians have been the dominant force in Water Polo. Between 1928 and 1980, Hungarians never failed to win a medal at the Olympics. In 2000, Hungary won its seventh water polo gold medal. Women's water polo made its Olympic debut in the 2000 Sydney Games. The Australian women team was the first to win Women’s Water Polo Gold Medal.