Here is information regarding schedule of synchronized swimming in Beijing Olympics 2008. Also learn about the venue, list of events, rules and history of synchronized swimming in Olympics.

Synchronized Swimming in Olympics

Synchronized Swimming
The synchronized swimming competition in Olympics 2008 will be held at the National Aquatics Center in the Olympic Green in Beijing.

Schedule of Games

18 August 2008, Monday
Duet Technical Routine Preliminary

19 August 2008, Monday
Duet Free Routine Preliminary

20 August 2008, Wednesday
Duet Free Routine Final
Duet Medal Ceremony

22 August 2008, Friday
Team Technical Routine

23 August 2008, Saturday
Team Free Routine - Final
Team Medal Ceremony

List of Events
Duet women and team women events will be held.

What is Synchronized Swimming
Synchronized swimming is a combination of swimming, gymnastics, and dance, consisting of swimmers (either duets or teams) performing a synchronized routine of elaborate and dramatic moves in the water, accompanied by music. Developed in the early 1900s in Canada, it is a game performed by women.


Players below fifteen years of age are not permitted to compete at the Olympics Games. Team routines will consist of eight competitors. The total number of competitors entered by each Federation should not exceed nine competitors. The sound centre manager is responsible for the playing of music. Authority to implement the rules will be with the referee.

Olympic History
Synchronized swimming was first included in the Olympics in 1984 Los Angeles Games with solo and duet events. The events were also played at the 1988 Games in Seoul and 1992 Games in Barcelona. Both the events were discontinued in 1996 in Atlanta, replaced by an 8-person team event. In Sydney Olympics, these were again included.

Skills Needed
For synchronized swimming, basic elements are the skulls. These are combined with one or more positions to form a figure, or complete movement. Figures are combined with transition elements, such as above the water arm movements, and set to music, to form a routine. Sculls, the movements used to propel the body, are the most essential part of synchronized swimming.