Here is information regarding Gymnastics Rhythmic in Beijing Olympics 2008 including the schedule of events, rules and accessibility to competition area.

Gymnastics Rhythmic in Olympics

Gymnastics Rhythmic event of the Olympics 2008 will be held in Beijing from August 9 to August 24, 2008. All events will be held at the Beijing University of Technology Gymnasium.

Schedule of Events

21 August, 2008, Thursday
18:00 - 21:05
Events to be held are Individual All-Around Qualification and Group All-Around Qualification.

22 August, 2008, Friday
18:00 - 21:05
Competitions to be held are Individual All-Around Qualification and Group All-Around Qualification.

23 August, 2008, Saturday
18:00 - 20:15
Events to be held are Individual All-Around Final and Individual All-Around Medal Ceremony.

24-Aug-2008, Sunday
11:00 - 12:30 Events to be held are Group All-Around Final and Group All-Around Medal Ceremony.

In Rhythmic Gymnastics event, two competitions will be held: the All-Around Individual Competition and the Group Exercises Competition. The competitions will be over and winners declared in four days. Entry for these events is restricted by qualification. Individual apparatus competitions should not have more than 24 competitors. Expert judges have been appointed for the competitions. All judges not having been sanctioned during the preceding Olympic Cycle are allowed to officiate.

Each gymnastics federation taking part in the Competition shall present two different exercises, each of them performed on different days. One of these exercises must be performed with five identical apparatus. The other exercise must be composed so as to use the two different apparatus. Technical Committee will decide the apparatus. Each federation is allowed to enter a minimum of five gymnasts and a maximum of six gymnasts.

Accessibility to Competition Area
Members of the various juries, competing gymnasts and their accredited coaches, group leaders, auxiliary personnel of the Jury, the official doctor, the team doctors and medical personnel, and the persons concerned with the apparatus are allowed to enter the competition area. All these persons are provided a special accreditation card to permit entry.