Here is info regarding equestrian in Beijing Olympics 2008 including the events to be held, schedule of events, and information on equestrian events like jumping, dressage and cross country competition.

Equestrian in Olympics

Equestrian in Olympics 2008
All equestrian events of Olympics 2008 will be held in Hong Kong, China from August 9 to August 21. The jumping and dressage competitions will be held at the main venue in Shatin and the cross country competition will be organized at Beas River.

Events to be Held
Six sets of medals will be awarded in the events Individual Dressage, Team Dressage, Individual Jumping, Team Jumping, Individual Eventing, and Team Eventing.

Schedule of Events

09 Aug 2008, Saturday
06:30 - 10:30
Team Eventing Dressage - Day 1

09 Aug 2008, Saturday
19:15 - 23:15
Team Eventing Dressage - Day 1

10 Aug 2008, Sunday
06:30 - 10:30
Team Eventing Dressage - Day 2

11 Aug 2008, Monday
08:00 - 11:30
Team Eventing Cross Country
Individual Eventing - Cross Country

12 Aug 2008, Tuesday
19:15 - 23:30
Team Eventing Jumping - Final
Individual Eventing Jumping-Final
Team Eventing Medal Ceremony
Individual Eventing Medal Ceremony

13 Aug 2008, Wednesday
19:15 - 23:59
Team Dressage Grand Prix - Day 1

14 Aug 2008, Thursday
19:15 - 23:59
Team Dressage Grand Prix - Day 2
Team Dressage Medal Ceremony

15 Aug 2008, Friday
19:15 - 23:15
Individual Jumping Qualification - 1st Qualifier

16 Aug 2008, Saturday
19:15 - 23:59
Individual Dressage Grand Prix Special

17 Aug 2008, Sunday
19:15 - 23:15
Team Jumping Final - Round 01

18-Aug-2008, Monday
19:15 - 23:00
Team Jumping Final - Round 02
Team Jumping Medal Ceremony

19 Aug 2008, Tuesday
19:15 - 23:00
Individual Dressage Final Grand Prix Freestyle
Individual Dressage Medal Ceremony

21 Aug 2008, Thursday
19:15 - 23:45
Individual Jumping Final - Round 01
Individual Jumping Final - Round 02
Individual Jumping Medal Ceremony

Brief Info on Equestrian Events

Dressage means developing a horse by means of harmonious education which makes the horse calm, supple, loose and flexible, but also confident, attentive and keen. Such a horse achieves perfect understanding with its rider.

In this event, the pair of horse and competitor is tested under various conditions over a series of obstacles. Objective of the test is to demonstrate the horse's freedom, its energy, its skill, its speed and its obedience in jumping and the person's horsemanship.

This is the combined competition of the abilities of both the horse and the rider. The competitor needs considerable experience in all branches of equestrian. He should have precise knowledge of his horse's ability, and the horse must have a degree of general competence, which comes from intelligent and rational training.