Here is information about schedule of Triathlon events in Beijing Olympics 2008. Know schedule of triathlon events, its history in Olympics, equipments, and quota of athletes.

Triathlon in Olympics

Triathlon in Olympics 2008
The triathlon event of Beijing Olympics will be held at the Ming Tomb Reservoir in Changping District of northern Beijing from August 18-19. Swimming will be held in the reservoir while cycling and running will be held on the big dam and the road section near the dam.

Schedule of Events

18 August 2008, Monday
Women's Final, Women's Medal Ceremony

19 August 2008, Tuesday
Men's Final, Men's Medal Ceremony

Trio of Sports
Triathlon is a sports event comprising swimming, cycling and running. Expert triathlon athletes learn to race each stage in a way that preserves their energy and endurance for coming stages. In Olympics, these events are placed in immediate sequence. The time given includes the time required to transition between the individual legs of the race, and the time needed for changing clothes etc.

Triathlon in Olympics
Triathlon made its debut at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia. The women's event took place on the first day while the men played on day two. Triathlon was one of the first medals awarded at Sydney Olympics. Triathlon was also a part of Atlanta Olympics.

Bicycle is needed in the cycling section of the sport. Bike rack holds bicycles in a ready position in the transition area. Goggles prevent water from getting into a swimmer's eyes. Nose clip prevents water from getting into a swimmer's nose. Pontoon is the floating apparatus from which triathletes dive to start the swimming leg. Swim buoy is a marker used as a turning point in the swimming course. Shoes are of course needed while cycling and swimming. Swimming cap is a lightweight, flexible cap which holds the hair in place and reduces resistance when swimming. Wetsuit is worn to keep a swimmer warm.

Quota of Athletes
55 men and 55 women will take part in the Olympics.