Along with Beijing, there are a total of six co-host cities for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Know all about these seven co-host cities of Summer Olympics 2008.

Host Cities

The 2008 Summer Olympics as we all know will be held in Beijing. The capital city of the Republic of China is the third proud Asian city to host the coveted sporting event. Earlier it was Tokyo (1964) and later Seoul (1988) which were the two other Asian cities to host the Olympics. The 29th Olympiad is scheduled to begin in the month of August in Beijing and will open on August 8, 2008 and shall conclude on August 24, 2008. The Beijing Olympics 2008 will not just take the people to the capital city but also to six other cities, which shall act as the co-host of the Summer Olympics 2008.

There are total six co-host cities for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, which include Shanghai, Shenyang, Tianjin, Qinhuangdao, Qingdao and Hong Kong. The various Olympic events being hosted in these cities would imply that, the participants of the Games along with officials and spectators from different countries, will get an opportunity to get to know more about the Chinese lifestyle and culture and be able to witness the regional differences and characteristic of these cities. Shanghai, Shenyang, Tianjin & Qinhuangdao will turn the host for football preliminary, Qingdao for sailing and Hong Kong for equestrian.

The co-host cities are all well prepared to receive world class athletes and sportspersons and successfully conduct the Olympic Games there. The cities have also done elaborate preparations for conducting the sporting events. Qingdao, an Olympic co-host city in east China's Shandong province plans to hold an opening ceremony in the sea. The city is the venue for the sailing events of this summer Olympic Games. The Olympics host cities are also well prepared for handling transportation or commuting. Adequate air, road and rail travel arrangements have been made by the local and Beijing Organizing Committee authorities. High speed D-trains have also been introduced in these cities. The fast trains will become functional from July 1 to August 31 in all the host cities. The host cities keeping in mind the health of the world class athletes, have tremendously improved the air quality. The cities now beckon spectators from far and wide to be a part of the spectacular and wonderful show, they promise to put up.