Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, three places for Olympics Games, are renowned for shopping experience they provide. Learn here about shopping in China.


Three venues for Olympics Games, Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong are renowned for shopping experience they provide. Here is information about experiencing the activity here.

Shopping in Beijing
In Beijing, one could shop for souvenirs, followed by rip-off designer ware, dvds, antiques etc. Electronics items are reasonably priced. Credit cards are accepted only in big shops. However, situation is getting better as the Olympics approaches. Wangfujing Street is good for purchasing souvenirs. In Xidan Area, departmental stores sell fixed price goods, mainly electronics. Xiu Shui Market deals in all kinds of clothing, bags, replica designer labels etc. Hong Qiao Market is an indoor market offering sunglasses, batteries, watches etc. Zhong Guan Cun specializes in computer goods.

Chinese antiques could be purchased in Panjiayuan Jiu Huo Shichang. Traditional handicrafts could be purchased in several business streets and markets. Cloisonne, ivory carving, jade and lacquerware are known as the four best traditional handiworks of Beijing. Curios, silk, pearls, snuff bottles, and artificial flowers are also worth buying and well liked by tourists. Wangfujing Dajie, Qianmen, Xidan and Dongsi are the four largest business zones in Beijing.

Shopping is a not-to-miss activity in Shanghai. Nanjing Road has a wide variety of shops from those that are centuries old, to special ones and modern malls. Huaihai Road features top-end designer brands from all over the world. Parkson Shopping Center and Maison Mode here is worth visiting. North Sichuan Road offers good inexpensive merchandise. You could also do good shopping in Middle Tibet Road.

Yuyuan Shopping city is known for specialist Chinese goods ranging from small articles, local crafts and the like to antiques, jade wares and gold and silver jewelry. Xujiahui is famous for costly and middle-range priced goods. New Shanghai Shopping City has a variety of retail outlets. Jiali Sleepless City, always brimming with people, is a place for frenzied shopping.

Hong Kong
Hong Kong is the mecca of shopping in Asia. Shopping in Hong Kong is like a fancy becoming true. Hong Kong has a galaxy of gleaming shopping malls and bustling street markets. The malls would provide an experience of upscale shopping one would never forget. In the street markets, one shops with shoulders rubbing with hordes of other shoppers, and presses for the product with bargaining. Famous shopping centres in Hong Kong are Central District, Admiralty and Causeway Bay.

Central District has an array of glittering skyscrapers as well as marbled atriums and malls. Admiralty is the place for renowned shopping malls like Pacific Place and Queensway Plaza. Causeway Bay also holds a slew of high-end shopping spots. Famous street markets of Hong Kong are Stanley Market, Wan Chai Street Market, Jade Market, Night Market, Bird Market, Ladies' Market and Temple Street.