Get informed about communication services in China including telephones, mobiles, television radio, print media and the internet.

Communications in China

Here is an account of the communications services in China such as telephones, mobiles, television radio, print media and the internet.

Internet facility would be available to the media persons at media centres enabling to efficiently cover the massive event. The tourists could avail internet facilities in their hotel rooms. However, if you search for a cyber café in a public place, it wouldn't be easy to find one because internet is yet not a popular medium of communications in China. The internet in China is subjected to censorship.

Telephones and Mobiles
Telephones in China connect the country within and the outside world. As for mobiles, China is the third largest market in the world. All Olympic venues have been equipped with telephone boots. You could also use your mobile freely. However, you have to make sure that technology used in your mobile is compatible with that of China.

Public Postal Network
The public postal network has remarkably improved in the last decade. It now boasts complete services and multiple transportation means. Advanced methods are used for an efficient public postal service, including optical cables, microwave networks, satellites, program-controlled exchanges, data telecommunications and mobile telecommunications.

Radio & Television
The electronic media of radio and television is spread over all parts of China. Major radio and television broadcasters and organisations in China are China Central Television (CCTV), China Intercontinental Communication Center, China Education Television (CETV), China Radio International,, Shanghai Radio, Voice of the West Lake, NHK Radio Japan, Radio Free Asia, Beijing People's Broadcasting Station, Beijin Music Radio, Beijing TV, Shanghai Oriental Television, Shanghai Television, (STV), Shanghai East Radio, Guangdong Television, Shenzhen TV, Hainan TV, Chengdu TV Station, LiaoNing Cable TV, and Wuhan TV.

Major electronic media organizations in Hong Kong and Macau are Sun Television Cybernetworks, Star TV, Macau STV, TVB Online, TVB Jake, Hong Kong's Commercial Radio, RTHK, Asia Television, CETV, Radio Television Hong Kong, Cable TV Special, and Metro Broadcast Corporation.

Electronic media in China is subjected to the censorship of the Government.

Print Media
China publishes hundreds of newspapers and magazines. Major newspapers in China are Cankao Xiaoxi, Sichuan Ribao, Gongren Ribao, Renmin Ribao, Xinmin Wanbao, Wenhuibao, Yangcheng Wanbao, Jingji Ribao, Jiefang Ribao, Nanfang Ribao, Nongmin Ribao, and Zhongguo Qingnianbao. Beijing Youth News is one of the most influential newspapers among younger Chinese audiences. Print media in China is governed by the Press Laws.