China, being a large country, has extreme weathers. Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, all places have different kinds of weather. The weather depends on the part of China you are visiting.


China, a huge country, has extremes in climate from north to south. Weather conditions in various parts of China could be different. This comes with its benefits too for one could visit China throughout the year. Deciding when to visit China depends on which places you wish to visit.

Tourist Months
Peak tourist months in China are April, May, September and October. Weather is most comfortable in most months of the year. From November to March and June to August, prices drop a bit. For trips to China's Hainan Island and to the Northeast Harbin, winter months are preferred. Summer months are good to tour Far East Manchuria.

Continental Climate
China, due to its large size, has a continental climate. Most parts of the country fall in the temperate zone but southern areas are in the tropical or subtropical zone. Northern areas come under the frigid zone. Touring different parts of the country at same time enables one to witness different climates.

Distinct Climate
Some parts of the country have the climate which is distinct. For example, northern Heilongjiang Province shivers in winter throughout the year, witnessing no summer. On the other hand, Hainan Island has a summer climate the year round without having winter. It is suggested that before going on the tour of any part of China, find out the detailed weather conditions there.

Weather in Beijing
Peak season in Beijing is summer, June to August. However, the autumn months between September and November have the best weather and fewer tourists. In Beijing, winters are cold and dry, while summers hot and humid. January is the coldest month while July is the warmest.

Weather in Macau
Travel to Macau could be undertaken year-round but scenery varies according to weather and climate, which is characterized by marine and monsoon climate. The annual average temperature is around 22 centigrade degree with little changes. The rainy season falls from April to September.

Weather in Shanghai
The best time to visit Shanghai is autumn or spring. Winters here could be very cold and temperatures often drop well below zero. In contrast, the summers are hot and humid.

Weather in Hong Kong
Hong Kong falls under subtropical climate. Best time to visit Hong Kong is between September and February. At this time of year, weather is pleasant and humidity low. During the month of August, it is autumn in Hong Kong.