Here is information regarding way of etiquette in China. These etiquette tips will be helpful during your visit to China.


Every country has an etiquette which should be taken care of while you are on a visit there. Here are some points of etiquette prevalent in China. Keeping these in mind would be helpful while you are in China.

In China, a handshake or a simple and kind salutation is the norm. Different forms of address are used in accordance with the circumstances. Using the appropriate and correct form shows your wit and respect to others. In the workplace and formal occasions, call someone directly by his job title or put it before his surname or full name. On some occasions address could be based on educational qualifications or professions. You could call others by their family name or full name by putting the Mr. or Ms. in front. This is the general way to address most widely used. A smile, good eye contact and politeness are considered expressions of sincerity.

On formal occasions, it is considered polite to give your full name, job positions and the place you work for. On informal occasions, your full name with a simple greeting is enough. If someone else is making the introductions, to introduce your self is considered inappropriate. While introducing others, there are strict conventional traditions to follow. The junior is first introduced to the senior, male to female, host to guest, and inferior to superior. The system shows respect to the senior, the female, the superior and the guest.

Do not point while speaking. Be polite or soft-spoken. Taste all dishes offered to you by the host. Women should avoid drinking at meals. They should avoid high heels and short sleeved blouses. The Chinese dislike women who display too much. Avoid discussing business while taking meals. Subtle, neutral colours are preferred.

Always shake hands firmly and with a mild smile. In case you have to shake hands with more than one person, start with the senior and superior, from the nearest to the furthest, to the junior and inferior. Never shake hands absent-mindedly or with left hand. Remove your hat, gloves or sunglasses while handshaking.

Apart from soup, all delicacies should be eaten with chopsticks. Keep your dining pace with other people. The one who sits closest to the teapot or wine bottle should pour them for others from the senior and superior to the junior and inferior. If someone else fills your cup or glass, respond with thanks. A toast is a characteristic of Chinese dining.

Family Visiting
While visiting a Chinese family, make an appointment in advance and be punctual. Avoid visiting at the dining or resting time. Taking some gifts would be a good gesture. Be seated only when invited to do by your host.

Bouquet, cosmetic, or scarves would do well gifting to a family. You could present children toys, candies or gifts. You could also take as gifts any seasonal product. Never present elders with toys or watches or ill people with medicines. Quality writing pens as considered favored gifts.