You could avail the services of tourist guides in China. Most of these have taken up the job of tourist guide as a full-timer. You could also be assisted by volunteer tourist guides.

Tourist Guides

Thousands of trained tour guides work in China, assisting the tourists. Most of these have taken up the job of tourist guide as a full-timer. However, there are many whose major source of income is their work as teachers or shopkeepers. They earn money part-time working as a tourist guide.

Government Licensed Guides
The Chinese Government grants licenses to tour guides after they have qualified a stringent examination and thereafter, received full training. Licensed guides are good in speaking English and you would find no problem communicating with them.

Class 1 Tourist Guides
Chinese travel companies could be categorized into three classes. Class 1 tourist work directly with foreign tour operators while the Class 2 and Class 3 companies are not directly in touch of the foreign tourists. Tourist guides working for Class 1 travel companies are usually more experienced of working with foreign tourists and are efficient of taking care of their guests. These guides are generally full-timers and their employers pre-arrange their work schedules.

Guides in Less Developed Regions
Tourist guides in less developed regions of China would not be as efficient in their work and communication as their counterparts in bigger cities.

Volunteer Guides
Thousands of volunteers have enrolled themselves to work as volunteers during the Beijing Olympics. For sightseeing and other tourist activities, you could take the assistance of these volunteer guides too.