Here are tips regarding making a complaint in China. Know about complaint authority in China which will take appropriate action on your complaint.

Making a Complaint

You could need to lodge a complaint when in China for any reason whatsoever. You might feel that the tour operators have failed to perform according to the travel contract or agreement. Negligence and fault of the tour operators could cause damage and loss to your baggage. The tourist operators could cheat you and harm your interest. In all these cases, you are entitled to make a complaint. If you have all related documents in place, action would be taken on your complaint. Know whom to complain in China.

Whom to complain?
"Tour Quality Supervision Administration" of National Tourism Administration

Postal code: 100740
Address: No.9 the main street in Jianguo Gate, Beijing

How to Complain
You have to file a written complaint to a competent authority. In case you could not write, you may ask the tourist authorities to note down your dictation and then sign your name. However, you need to remember the following points.

You have to lodge the complaint within sixty days from the time when you know that your benefits have been hurt. You could file the complaint in the local place or return to the place of residence and then follow the procedure to file the complaint.

Mention clearly the name of the defaulting traveling agency, the guide, the hotel or all of them.

The application should see concrete requests, such as asking for economic loss, requiring investigating the responsibility for breaking a contract etc.

You are required to submit fact evidence for complaint. It means the concrete process and written material should be presented in written form. You are advised to collect relevant certificate materials consciously when your benefit is damaged. After you have returned to the departure place, it would be difficult to collect the materials.

You need to mention your name, gender, nationality, profession, age, the name of the organization you work in and your complete address.