Get informed here about food in China. These China food tips about cooking styles in China will be helpful during your visit. Four food streets have been specially developed for the Olympics.


China is a vast country and cooking styles differ in every region. With Olympic events being held at different places, the tourists would get a chance to taste the cuisine of various parts. However, if you decide to stick to the food you are accustomed to, you would find the restaurants serving Continental, Italian or French dishes. At Olympic villages and the venues, proper arrangement has been done as regarded to dining. Four food streets have been particularly developed for the Olympics.

Beijing Food
Beijing is the paradise of food lovers. Beijing cuisine borrows varieties from Hebei, Shangdong, Lower Yangzi River, Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang. All methods of cooking are used like barbecuing, deep-boiling, roasting, smoking and braising. Peking Roast Duck has the reputation of being the most delicious food Beijing has to offer. The place that offers the best Peking Duck is the Quan Ju De Restaurant, which came into being 130 years ago. Other popular dishes are Mongolian Hot Pot, Bifengtang Prawns, Gong Bao Ji Ding and To Doe Zi.

Shanghai Food
Shanghai has one of the most distinct cuisines in China. Freshwater fish and shellfish is abundant in the region. Dishes in Shanghai are lightly and delicately seasoned. People in Shanghai are fond of sweet dishes. Shanghai successfully refines all the work of the surrounding provinces such as Zhejiang and Jiangsu. Some dishes popular in Shanghai are little dragon Bun, smelly tofu, hairy crabs and preserved eggs. Braised Meat is one of Shanghai specialties. The meat is cooked in different spices for a long time so that the meat absorbs the flavor of spices and becomes tender.

Tianjin Food
Cuisine culture of Tianjin, particularly traditional Tianjin snacks, is renowned in China. And the best place to enjoy cuisine in Tianjin is the Food Street. Don't miss these delicious Tianjin snacks, if you wish to tour Tianjin during your Olympic stay in China. Goubuli Baozi are stuffed buns known for their generous filling. Erduoyan Zhagao is a cake is made of carefully leavened and kneaded glutinous rice dough. Ma Hua is a queue-shaped fried dough made with quality flour and then fried in peanut oil. Chatang is made of baked millet and glutinous millet flour. Guobacai is a sort of pancake made of millet and mung bean flour. Tangdui is a dish usually made of hawthorn berry.

Qinhuangdao Food
Seafood is the specialty of Qinhuangdao. Seafood restaurants abound in the region and ordering is usually done by pointing at the live dishes that swim in washing up bowls or tanks in the eating joints. Most of these restaurants line the seafront road. Shelled fish, especially crab, lobster, cuttlefish, pike and scallops are popular among the locals and tourists. Some restaurants offer delicious roasted duck.

Shenyang Food
Shenyang has fine tradition of food. Having Manchu cuisine as the base, the region has developed finely-honed cooking skills. Every traditional dish has its own story. The Man-Han Banquet is a feast most representative of conventional dishes in Shenyang. Some popular dishes of Shenyang dish menu are orchid bear's paw, swimming dragon play phoenix, baked shrimp, steamed lantern abalone, ditch upper leaf smoked chicken, steamed kaji's fish, colored snow flake scallop, bacon pancake, laobian dumpling, Liaoshanji Haicheng stuffed pie, yangjia egg cake, ma jia steamed dumpling, li lian gui smoked meat, and many others. All Shenyang dishes have special flavour, selected ingredients and delicate making.

Qingdao Food
Qingdao specializes in seafood including fish, prawns,shellfish and sea weed. The cooking styles range from spicy Sichuan to sweet and heavy Shanghai. Qingdao, regarded as the 'cradle of Shandong cuisine', offers popular dishes like sea cucumbers stewed with shallots, stewed salted fish and celery with creamy soup. You could visit any of the seaside restaurants on the shore to enjoy seafood. Vegetarian restaurants offer fresh local agricultural produce.

Food Tips
  • Drinks are not cold usually. Even if a restaurant has cold drinks you would have to ask for them specifically.
  • Restaurants tend to serve rice last. If you want it earlier you need to remind them when the food starts to come.
  • Fish is served as the whole fish, head to tail. And it is with all the bones.