Here are some tips about tipping in China hotels, restaurants, train stations and airports. Tipping in China is not a norm, yet you can tip.


In China, tipping is not a norm. However, it could be a way of recognizing good service. You could tip a tour guide, a driver, a hotel bellboy or a restaurant waiter in recognition of services offered by them. This would encourage them to continue their good work. You are not expected to tip in China. However, if you tip, it would be appreciated.

Tipping in Tour Groups
Tipping do occurs when you are part of a tour group. It could be given when you visit a hotel, restaurant, train station or airport. Tip could be given anywhere when you enjoy service. However, it is not necessary to tip in roadside eateries or snack stalls. Bill in some hotels and restaurants may have already included about 5% - 15% service charge. You could express your appreciation of service in a form other than money like a small gift such as foreign cigarettes, wine, candies, hats or T-shirts. You could gift foreign books/DVD and music CDs. Your little gift would be appreciated by the one who has got it.

Improving Service
Gratuities could help improving service for you. Anyone who has received the tip would recognize that his services have been appreciated. This would encourage him to work as well in the future. Generally a tip of one to five US dollars would do. If you don't know how much amount to give as a tip, pay 10% to 15% of the bill.