Here are some emergency tips regarding China including emergency numbers, losing credit cards or important documents, safety threat etc.

Emergency Tips

You are unaware what to do if you are facing an emergency in China, Here are few tips.

Safety Threat
In case of any safety threat or emergency or emergency, you could contact the Public Security Bureau (Police).

Emergency Numbers
In case of emergency, dial 110 for the police, 119 in case of fire or 120 for an ambulance.

Losing a Valuable
As soon as you are aware of the loss, inform immediately your hotel, your tour group leader or the police.

Losing Credit Cards or Traveler's Cheque
In this case, call the issuer as soon as possible. Ensure that you have got your cheque or card defunct.

Losing Important Documents
If you lost your passport or visa, immediately report the matter to the nearest Public Security Bureau (Police) and to your embassy or consulate in China. To get a new visa issued by the Chinese authorities, a police report about the loss/theft is required.

Emergency Need in Hotel
For an emergency need in hotel, you should contact the hotel staff.

Dialling to the Police
When you dial 110, you initially hear a prompt in both Chinese and English. Thereafter an operator would hear your case. Answer specifically the questions asked, such as your name, location, and contact ways as well as the basic information regarding the case. After you have phoned the police, stay at the location where you gave the alarm. Wait for the police officials and contact with them as soon as they arrive.