Here is information regarding what to pack to China. This info about packing for China or what to carry to China will come handy on your Chinese tour.

What to Pack

Here is information regarding what to pack while you are preparing for your tour to China.
  • You must pack proper clothing depending on the time of year you are travelling. In this case it would be July or August. For detailed information about weather, visit our weather page. A necessary accoutrement would be a pair of good walk shoes. If you decide to go for sightseeing or excursions, it could involve plenty of walking, sometimes on hard or uneven surfaces.
  • Take hats and sunglasses for saving yourself from the sun. Many attractions are quite exposed to the weather. Forbidden City has many large open spaces. For reaching the Great Wall too, you would have to go through open spaces. If you decide to go to places with high elevation such as Tibet, these items would protect your skin and eyes as at the places with high altitude and thin atmosphere, the sun's solar radiation strikes the earth unhindered.
  • Be mindful of Chinese regulations regarding 'Carry On' and 'Check-in' luggage. 'Carry On' luggage for air travel is limited to two pieces for first class travelers and one piece for business and economy class travelers. The total weight of the above two pieces shall not exceed five kilograms. Baggage other than this should be mentioned as 'Check-in- luggage.
  • While taking in mobiles, ensure that they are compatible with the system used in China. If you regularly use certain medication, take the pill with you. Although good healthcare is available in big cities, it would be better if you carry the pills with you. Keeping a first-aid kit would always be helpful.
  • Don't forget to pack all necessary papers. Keep in a secure place your visa, passport, traveller's checks, credit cards, airline tickets, train tickets, cruise tickets etc. Also keep you address separately written on a diary, all required telephone number and e-mail addresses list. This would be helpful in case of an emergency.
  • An insect repellant would be useful if you plan to travel to the rural areas.