These tips regarding safety in China will come handy while your stay there. This general safety information includes the safety of valuable and important documents.

Safety in China

China is a country where you could expect safety and friendly atmosphere. Here are few tips regarding general safety, common scams, safety of valuables and documents, and local laws.

General Safety
China is generally safe. However, a tourist could become victim of petty crimes. Taking precautions and using common sense would help you. You should be particularly careful at night and around the tourist areas. You could be target of pickpockets in crowded places like markets. Avoid carrying large amounts of money or valuables. Be careful about your wallet or purse. Don't keep your wallet in your back pocket.

Apart from wallets, the thieves or pickpockets could also target the things like mobile phones, cameras, jewelry and laptops. Avoid flashing your wallet in a public place. Always carry some loose change.

Alert of Common Scams
Be cautious of strangers. Become alert if somebody approaches you and invites you for a drink at a tea house or bar nearby on the pretext of practising English. This could be a ploy to rip you off. Never pick up papers found on streets even if somebody tells that these are yours. Prefer using ATM in daytime. Be careful when using the ATM. If your card stuck in the ATM, remain there and contact the bank immediately. It could be a fake ATM which could be installed there to steal your card.

Valuables & Documents
Be extra careful regarding your passport, tickets, visa documents etc by carrying them on your person. Best way to keep them would be underneath clothing in a pouch or money belt. Do not leave valuables lying in your hotel room or in your car. You could buy a padlock so that you can secure your possessions in lockers. Another option could be a safe deposit at the hotel. Get your passport and other vital documents photocopied. Keep these copies separate from the originals. At night avoid going to places which do not have proper lights.

Local Laws
Be mindful that local laws and penalties do apply to you when you are in China. Don't do anything which could bring these laws on you for these are quite harsh by Western standards. Lawlessness and drug offences could attract severe punishment. Drug traffickers could even have death penalty served on them.