The Beijing city is a unique blend of the rich cultural heritage of the dynasties that ruled over China as well as the modern progress it witnessed. This gives a host of options to people to visit in the capital city of China.

Places To See in Beijing

The oriental city of China, Beijing is witness to a splendid culture and insightful history. The city will captivate a visitor with the historic and cultural relics created in Beijing by the various dynastic houses that ruled over the city. The Beijing Olympics 2008 are an opportunity for people from far and wide to acquaint themselves better, with the history and culture of the region, by visiting several architectural marvels the city boasts of. The capital city of the People's Republic of China boasts of the largest palace in the world, the Forbidden City among other relics of the past.

Amongst some of the famous places, not to be missed when in Beijing are the Palace Museum, Temple of Sun Park, Temple of Successive Emperors, the Great Wall of China, Chinese Ethnic Museum, Beijing Amusement Park, Yuanmingyuan Garden, the Summer Palace, China Geological Museum and a lot more places. The Palace Museum is one of the finest museums the world has today. Apart from the immovable palace buildings, the Palace Museum houses over 1.5 million items or sets of relics. These include calligraphy, paintings, inscriptions, sculptures, silver and gold ware, jewellery, carvings, imperial seals, foreign relics and ancient books among other things.

The Temple of Sun Park is another famous tourist attraction in Beijing. 'Ritan' or the Temple of Sun was built in 1530 during the reign of the Ming dynasty. It was this place, where the Ming and Qing emperors worshipped the Sun god. The Temple of Successive Emperors too was built in 1530 during the reign of the Ming dynasty. The Tiananmen Square, the largest square in the world, too is one of the famous places of China that call for a visit. For eco-agricultural sightseeing, one can sojourn at the Beijing Crab Island Green Ecological Resort. It is a comprehensive tourist resort that combines eco-agricultural sightseeing, catering, accommodation, leisure and vacation. Here you can experience countryside, old Beijing. The city will prove to be a complete entertainer, with diverse places beckoning the visitor. You would surely have a great time on the sidelines of the Beijing Olympics 2008, visiting plenty of temples, parks, hutongs and relics from the era gone by.