Qingdao is an old port city, which once had Europeans as its masters. The city has much to offer to its visitors with both relics from the ancient Chinese civilization as well as symbols of modern China.

Places to See in Qingdao

Qingdao is a complete traveler's paradise with picturesque settings, relics of the Chinese civilization and the modern British and German past as well as stylish symbols of modern China. The port city of the Shandong Province, keeps any tourist rapt with attention owing to the splurge of nature it enjoys. On one hand, here one will find the hillside and on three sides the city is surrounded by the sea. These natural settings render the city a tranquil feel, which is perhaps unmatched to any other city of China. The city for thirty long years served as the colony for the British and the Germans. Owing to this fact, Qingdao even today resembles a lot with the European countryside.

In Qingdao one will find shining beaches to spend leisure time at, as well as mountains, which will give you a unique trekking experience. The Huiquan Bathing Place, also called the first bathing place is one of the most visited tourist spot of Qingdao. The bathing place does not require any fee for visit and is open all day. It is located in the Huiquan Bay that is famous for its mild waves, soft sands and crystal clear seawater. People who wish to be amidst relatively lesser crowds can choose to be at the Golden Beach. The Small Qingdao Island is another place, which is worth exploring when in Qingdao. Being an old port city, Qingdao is well versed in the art of sailing. The city in August 2008 will be filled with sails of yachts from all over the globe as they participate in the first Olympic Games hosted by China.

Qingdao literally means the 'green island'. The city is an ideal place for people longing to trek amidst beautiful waterfalls and riches in green. A must visit place of Qingdao is Mt Laoshan, the beauty of which is at its peak during the months of May to October. Trekking here is going to be altogether a wonderful and divinely experience. The Eight Passes Villas Scenic area is another place which should not be missed when in Qingdao. It is also known as the Ten Thousand Country architecture Garden and features foreign villas and paths. The city is also home to several beautiful churches and temples, which too add to the serenity of the region. Amongst some of the famous churches and temples is the Lutheran church, St. Michaels Cathedral, FaHaiSi temple, ZhanShan temple and Residence of the German Bishop among other sites. Other places of interest in Qingdao are the Forest Fun Park, Garden of the Joyous Sea (Hai Fang Yuan), Rain Forest Valley Ecological Garden, Sculpture Park and many more. The city is also home to various Museums like the Qingdao Naval Museum, Haier Science Museum and Qingdao Sculpture Museum among others.