Shopping in Shenyang is combined with a fine dining and entertainment experience. There are several shopping districts in Shenyang offering both the best of local and western goods.

Shopping in Shenyang

Shenyang is a major industrial and manufacturing center of People's Republic of China. The city is bound to give a visitor a delightful shopping experience with a host of shopping destinations offering a variety of products. The Beijing Olympics 2008 are an excellent opportunity to explore the city and purchase souvenirs for people back home. Here one will find several shopping destinations that combine dining and entertainment as well. Here we have given you information about some of the best shopping destinations of Shenyang and goods on which one ought to lay their hands on, when in the city.

The city like most of the other cities of China has a blend of both traditional Chinese style shopping and western style of shopping. Here one will find both traditional age-old markets of China as well as international shopping departmental stores and shopping malls. Zhong Jie is one of the business areas of Shenyang. The shopping area is 398 years old and is the longest pedestrian street anywhere in China. Here you can purchase cell phones, electronic equipments and latest fashion accessories.

Another principal shopping destination in Shenyang is Taiyuan Jie. It is the busiest street of China which offers a visitor fine shopping, dining and entertainment options. At Taiyuan Jie one will principally find western style of shopping with international retail stores like Wal-Mart among others. Here you will find consumer electronic stores, departmental stores as well as major international brands. One can also purchase latest fashion jewellery and clothes from Taiyuan area. Not to be missed here is the large underground shopping complex that offers a plethora of things to be bought. If one intends to buy clothes, then shopping at Wu'ai Costume market is an ideal place. This is one of the most well-known wholesale clothing markets. West Tower Street is another famous business centre of Shenyang. Here principally the Koreans reside, hence one can lay their hands on Korean goods. Goods which should be present in your shopping items list from the city should include famous feather paintings and ornamental silk flowers. At numerous stores in Nanhu Park a visitor can purchase traditional Chinese woodcarvings, porcelains, ancient coins and jade articles among other things.