Shanghai is a shopper's paradise, with various bustling commercial streets and shopping centres beckoning the visitor. Given below is a complete shopping guide for Shanghai visitors.

Shopping in Shanghai

Shanghai is an economic hub, which is growing at a pace that is unmatched. The commercial and financial center, is hence one of the best places in China to empty your pockets and take away goods available in the Shanghai markets. In fact today providing the best of shopping experience has become an integral part of the Shanghai tourism industry. Across Shanghai one can find shopping destinations of diverse interests. Here, on one hand you will find complexes providing almost everything you can think of buying, under one roof and on the other hand you will also find specialized markets offering you just one good.

Shanghai being one of the most important international centers of the People's Republic of China, boasts of few of the best markets and shopping destinations in the world. Here you will find world class up street shopping complexes and as well as street vendors selling goods to visitors. The shopping areas in Shanghai are divided into 'four streets and four cities'. It is here that one will find all the action associated with shopping. The Nanjing Road, which is one of the four shopping streets of Shanghai today, enjoys the reputation of being the number one commercial street of China. The North Sichuan Road is the choice of the masses in the city as it offers excellent affordable merchandise. The Huaihai road on the other hand like the Nanjing Road is an expensive shopping destination, featuring top designer brands from across the globe. Finally the Middle Tibet road is the one, from where you can satisfy your taste buds as well as get inexpensive souvenirs to take back home.

Shanghai also has well planned four cities to grant the tourists a satisfying shopping experience. The four famous shopping cities of Shanghai are Yuyuan shopping city, Xujiahui shopping city, Jiali sleepless city and New Shangahi shopping city. The Yuyuan shopping city will offer the visitors authentic Chinese goods ranging from local handicrafts, jewellery, jade wares and antiques. At the Xujiahui shopping city one can get both expensive and middle range priced items. Jiali Sleepless city, facing the Shanghai Railway station is one of the most bustling commercial areas of China. And at the New Shanghai shopping city, one will get an unmatched shopping experience, as the entire zone is surrounded by a variety of retail outlets. There are also other markets and streets apart from these eight places mentioned above, from where you can shop extensively. The Dongtai Road Antique market is a must visit if you have always been an art collector and intend to take some decorative item for your home. People who are longing to buy footwear, the North Shaanxi Road is going to be an ideal place for them as here you will find original styles at a moderate price. To shop for clothes, it would be best to pay a visit to Xiangyang Road market.