The city of Shenyang offers to a visitor the best from the kitchens of the Manchu and the Han dynasties. Know more about dining in Shenyang here.

Dining in Shenyang

Dining in Shenyang is an experience that will make you want more and come to the city over and again. Here you get the best flavors from the kitchens of the Manchu and Han dynasties that once ruled over China. The city also has large number of Korean and Mongolian population that has tremendously contributed to the rich cuisine of the city. Apart from the traditional eight cuisines of China, one can find here other international cuisines as well. You can satisfy your taste buds from Japanese, Continental and other western foods as well. The city has its share of both fancy restaurants as well as street side kiosks.

Almost all of Shenyang's top hotels feature fancy restaurants that serve authentic Chinese eight cuisines, Japanese, Korean and other western foods. Dining in these fancy restaurants is going to be quite an experience, with mouthwatering dishes as well as unmatched hospitality. Some of the fine dining places where you can try traditional Chinese dishes are Lumingchun, Najia Guan, Majia Shaomai Guan, Yangjia Diaolu Bing, Shenyang Da Qing Hua Jiaozi Guan, Ruyifang Doulao, Shu Xiang Yu Fu and Kuan Xiangzi Vegetable Dishes Restaurant among others.

As mentioned earlier, Shenyang has a considerable amount of Koreans and Mongolians. This has resulted in Korean dishes assuming great significance in the city. The Koreans and Mongolians operate a lot of barbecue stands on the streets of the city. One can also dine at some of the fine restaurants here, exclusively serving Korean food. In Shenyang, there are also a number of noodle shops that serve noodles alongside the streets of the city and at popular places. People, who wish to stick to regular fast food, have the option of dining at international fast food chains like Mc Donald's, KFC and Pizza Hut. At Shenyang one can satisfy their taste buds by having dumplings, delicious bacons, cakes and other curry, stew and roast dishes.