Qingdao enjoys warm temperate zone monsoon climate, with typical characteristic of marine climate. Know all about the weather conditions of Qingdao here.

Qingdao Weather

The summer resort of China, Qingdao enjoys warm temperate zone monsoon climate. The city has typical characteristics of marine climate as it is surrounded by the sea from three sides. Located in the Shandong province, Qingdao is surrounded by the Yellow Sea on the east and south and mainland to the west and north. The city enjoys pleasant weather throughout the year, with temperatures not rising as high as some of the other coastal cities of China. The pleasant weather is in fact one of the reasons for the influx of people in the city during summers.

Winters in the port city of Qingdao are relatively cold, windy and snowy. Temperatures on an average hover around freezing -1.3oC. January happens to be the coldest month in Qingdao. The onset of winter season is from the month of October and lasts till the month of mid March. The best time to visit Qingdao is in the months of March to November. The weather is extremely pleasant during this time of the year. Springs in Qingdao sets in a little late than other parts of China and is an attractive time to be in Qingdao. The autumn season is perhaps the best season of the year, as the entire city glows from fresh rains and the scenery in the city becomes all the more beautiful. The summers in Qingdao unlike other regions of China are not as hot. Here the highest temperature in the summer months is merely 25oC. It is the month of August which is the hottest month in Qingdao. Keeping in mind the wonderful climate the city enjoys, people who intend to witness the Olympic sailing event this year in Qingdao, will surely have a pleasant stay in the city.