Qingdao has one of the finest delicacies to offer to a visitor from the Shandong province. Know here about some of the fine dining places and the dishes to try in Qingdao.

Dining in Qingdao

Qingdao city is surrounded by sea on the three sides, which makes it a popular place for sea food. Here you will find excellent sea food which is prepared from fresh catch. The sea food here has unique flavors and is popular with visitors for its fresh and light preparation. The city also offers to a visitor the finest delicacies from the Shandong province. Qingdao is often referred to as the 'cradle of Shandong province'. The Qingdao cuisine essentially combines local flavors to the popular dishes based on sea-food in the Shandong province. People hence fond of sea food have an unforgettable treat awaiting them in Qingdao.

In Qingdao you will get all the eight major Chinese cuisines in most of the restaurants. The sea food is abundant here and ranges in cooking style from sweet and heavy Shanghai to spicy Sichuan. Here also dominating are the Japanese and Korean cuisines. One can also try their hands at international flavors from Italy, Germany and America. The dining places here mostly offer non-vegetarian and sea-food item, however one will also find vegetarian restaurants that offer delicacies prepared from fresh local agricultural produce.

Qingdao has a fair amount of up street restaurants along with middle-priced range and street food kiosks. Prices for food items in Qingdao are hence flexible and suit all kinds of budget. Some of the popular restaurants of the city are the Qingdao Seafood Restaurant on Qingyu Road, Peacock Restaurant, White Spray Seafood Restaurant, Biwan Hotpot Restaurant, Korean Restaurant and Murano's among others. In Qingdao one can also find the popular international fast food joints like KFC, Mc Donald's and Pizza Hut. Qingdao has a fairly large Muslim population that tremendously adds to the local delicacies which are prepared here. You will find specialized Islamic food here like kebabs, mutton curry and Muslim bread. If ready to spend a little on food then Donglaishun restaurant is the one that should not be missed for its Islamic cuisine.